Whats Is Pyramid Vastu And How To Get Benefitted By VAstu

vastu pyramid

Pyramid Vastu

It is been observed that the power of pyramid can alter the mental, physical and emotional states of individuals. Power of pyramid can further enhance the aura of a person. In India, the architecture of temple is pyramidal shaped. The main idol is placed under a pyramid-shaped roof which generates energy among devotees. There are several different versions of pyramids available for different uses. Pyramids of varying sizes, shapes and materials are used to divert the negative energies from different areas of the house, especially in cases where it seems to be too much expensive in shifting the location of one area to the other corner.

Pyramids are gaining popularity in homes as a means of enhancing energy flow. Pyramids can be used at homes, to benefit from the energy flow. Pyramids can be placed in the four corners of a house which helps in deflecting negative energy and enhancing positive energy flow. But before you energize your house with the power of pyramid, you need to organize your house as per Vastu Shastra so that you can acquire the desired effects.

You can observe several benefits, uses and effects of the power of a pyramid. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Place the pyramid in the four corners of the bedroom, to revitalize the force in the master bedroom.
  • You can keep a pyramid on the desktop at your office, to eliminate bad energy.
  • You can reach a state of consciousness which can help you in self-healing, by meditating under a pyramid shaped structure.
  • In case you want to extend the freshness and taste of beverages and food, you can place them under a pyramid shaped cover.
  • To enhance the effectiveness of medicines, you can place it under the pyramid.
  • To get relief from skin diseases, you can store water under a pyramid and consume it.
  • Healing process can be accelerated when a pyramid is kept over a wound.
  • If a house is built in a pyramid shape, it can enhance the lifespan of the residents.
  • To help retard ageing and retain youthful looks, you must sleep under a pyramid.
  • To eliminate low esteem and fatigue, place copper pyramids in the corners of the house.
  • Used shaving blades or battery when kept under a pyramid for 24 hours, get recharged and can be reused.
  • You can enhance your glow and beauty by washing your face daily with water stored under a pyramid.
  • Pain can be eased by placing a pyramid on the aching part of the body.
  • You can enhance your health and concentration by placing a pyramid under the chair.
  • Efficacy of pain relieving ointments can be enhanced by keeping it under a pyramid.
  • Diseases of teeth and gums can be relieved by brushing with the toothpaste placed under a pyramid for three to four days.

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Thus, proper placement of the Pyramid helps in inducing better health; improves the power of meditation; aids in transforming your dreams into reality; enhances your recall and learning capacity and shapes your destiny.

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