Obesity is a common problem; it is a chronic disease because it is really difficult to cure obesity. The dangerous part is obesity leads to many other health complications, so it has to stop anyhow.Every other person you meet these days is either struggling to lose weight or trying hard to maintain their weight. Well, who doesn’t want look slim and stay healthy, ofcourse everybody wants to be healthy and surely loves a good figure and the one who lacks it certainly craves for it.

We all know that there are only two things that will help you in the process of losing weight and they are dieting and exercise. But dieting is not as simple as it sounds especially when you are a foodie. Moving to exercise, even it’s very difficult if you are indolent. If you cannot choose either of them then we have a third option for you and that is home remedies. You can fulfill your dream of shedding those extra kgs with few home remedies.

So, Here are few simple home remedies to make your task of losing weight easier.

1) Green tea

We all have heard that green tea helps to lose weight and that’s really true. Green tea is a very effective home remedy to lose weight.

Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a compound found in green tea, helps slow down weight gain by limiting fat absorption and increasing the body’s ability to use fat.

Furthermore, green tea is packed with nutrients such as vitamin C, carotenoids, zinc, selenium, chromium, and other trace minerals.

Drink about three to four cups of green tea daily to combat obesity. You can also combine it with ginger tea or cayenne pepper.

If you haven’t tried this simple remedy then try it now, you will love the results.


2) Honey and Lemon

Drinking honey and lemon mixed with warm water every morning on an empty stomach is often touted as the best way to lose weight.

Apart from cleansing your stomach, the lemon juice present in the mixture, goes a long way in helping you lose weight. Packed with a type of fibre called pectin, lemon helps you feel full and keep cravings at bay. The warm water, honey and lemon also creates a more alkaline atmosphere in your stomach, helping you lose weight faster

3)Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon will help you manage blood sugar levels and you will less likely have large appetite. So, this is also a very simple remedy to lose weight.

You will need…

-1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

-1 cinnamon stick

-8 ounces of fresh water


Place the cinnamon in a mug and cover with 8 ounces of boiling water. Steep for 15 minutes before straining. Drinking 1-2 times a day.


4) Curry Leaves

Eating 10 fresh curry leaves daily in the morning works as a great Ayurvedic remedy to deal with obesity and diabetes caused by obesity. Continue this treatment regularly for at least three to four months.

Research shows that curry leaves contain mahanimbine, an alkaloid that has anti-obesity and lipid-lowering effects. Thus, it helps lower body weight and reduces total cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


5)Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is useful in treating obesity because it stimulates the metabolism, increases energy consumption, and mobilizes unused fat in the body. It contains natural collagen proteins that make the body work harder in order to absorb the proteins. In addition, it helps remove toxins from the digestive system and colon.

Take two fresh aloe vera leaves, peel them, and scoop out the pulp.

Put it in a blender along with one cup of citrus juice, such as orange or grapefruit juice, or simply water. Blend it for two to three minutes.

Drink this daily for at least a month.

So, all you need is an Aloe vera plant at your home and if you have then use it in the right way and you are not far from reaching your goal.



Eat a couple of tomatoes every morning on an empty stomach. Make sure you eat the peels and seeds as well because they contain dietary fiber. Tomatoes contain compounds that tend to alter the levels of hormones that affect your appetite.

Furthermore, being rich in vitamins A, C, and K, and magnesium, manganese, choline, folate, and other nutrients, they are good for your health. Also, they are packed with antioxidants that protect against cancers.

If you love the tangy taste of tomatoes then great. This is the best remedy for you.

7)Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds are believed to be useful in weight loss because of their diuretic properties. Diuretics help you lose weight quickly by reducing water retention. They do not cause long-term weight loss though.

Slightly dry roast and grind fennel seeds. Sieve the powder. Take one-half teaspoon of this powder twice daily with warm water. This remedy will also help relieve abdominal gas, indigestion, and constipation.

You can also drink fennel tea 15 minutes before meals.


8)Honey and cinnamon

Include honey and cinnamon tea in your diet to boost your metabolism, increase your energy, and detoxify your body. All of these effects support weight loss. Honey fights obesity by promoting fat metabolism. Cinnamon helps you avoid overeating by fighting insulin resistance and also reduces oxidative stress associated with metabolic syndrome.


The first and foremost thing that you need in this weight loss journey is dedication. We start a thing and then give up within few days. Almost every one may have done that. But if you wanna lose weight then remember these three words “DON’T GIVE UP”. You may not notice the results in the beginning but if you continue it for atleast a month then you will definitely notice the difference.