Wazir’ starring Amitabh Bachchan, Farhan Akhtar and Aditi Rao Hydari has already received thumbs down from the box office. The intense film directed by Bejoy Nambiar was applauded for its intriguing plot by the critics but failed to show any magic in its collections. The film ‘Wazir’ is already declared a flop by the box office, and the film is now struggling to find any watchers.

With hardly any promotional activities or hit songs, the mind triggering movie failed to live up to the expectations. Even after a strong plot and story line, the film could not attract much audience at the screens. The film ‘Wazir ‘ gained a considerate amount of crowd at the multiplexes but failed to create any buzz at the single screens which affected its overall collection.

Well, people hardly came to know about the movie. It would have turned into their favour if there were any promotional activities done to promote the movie because a movie with amazing plot and incredible actors has been termed as a flop movie and one of the reasons is also the weak direction of the movie and it’s really sad to see that.




wazir’s budget was too high 3500 million INR.


Box-office collection:

Wazir has gone down at the Box Office. The film took an ordinary start on its opening day, showed some push on Saturday and then failed to grow much on Sunday. The film had its hopes lying in consistently high collections on the weekdays but that wasn’t the case either. The film first took a drop on Monday and then showed a steady decline with every passing day. As a result, the first week collections stand just around the 29.5 crore mark.

‘Wazir‘ performed very low in its 2nd week.the film stands with the total collection of 38.75 crores.



Wazir, A thriller is like a chess game; it’s only fun if the opponent plays some brilliant unpredictable moves. Unfortunately for Wazir, which ironically is based around chess, the script offers very predictable moves, which we can easily guess.

The film has a poor script and the only thing that makes the movie watchable is Amitabh bachchan and Farhaan Akhtar’s splendid acting.

The movie has received 2.5 ratings and its just an above average movie.