Vidyut Jamwal, the guy with an amazing body was born on 10th december, 1980. He is an Indian actor. He is a trained martial artist , having learned Kalaripayat since the age of three years. He is popularly known as ” The New Age Action Hero Bollywood “and “New action God of India”. He is an Indian film actor and martial artist. Vidyut worked in Bollywood, Kollywood and Tollywood movies

Who is not a fan of vidyut’s body? Everybody is, Especially the one’s who watched his movie “commando”. If you are not a fan of him and his body then I am sure you haven’t watched commando. The guy has left everyone speechless with his amazing body and stunts. He is the kind of guy that every girl craves for. Any girl can go crazy over him. He has got a physique that’s worth the praise.



Kalaripayattu – The ancient Indian Martial Art form which is practiced in Kerala. Kalaripayattu is also claimed to be the mother of all martial arts in the world. The origins of Kalaripayattu are traced to 3000 years back. Also it is said that there are several references to “The Kalaripayattu” in “The Vedas” which proves how old the roots of this martial arts are! The martial art Kalaripayattu has great history. It was this martial art which Buddhist Guru Bodhidharma of South India took to China. He introduced a new fighting method called Kempo from which Kung Fu and Karate originated.

this is the which mostly every body has forgotten or not a single younster might know about this. But guys, if you wanna achieve a body like Vidyut then go ahead. This art surely seems to be worth the effort.

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After kalaripayattu, there is another most toughest training that he includes in his routine is brazilian jiu jitsu.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a combat sport focused on ground grappling technique which is most commonly used in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitions. Jiu Jitsu training is extremely hard and is one of the best martial art existing today.


Parkour(PK) – Parkour is a holistic training given to the military to move swiftly and efficiently through the battlefield overcoming any obstacle they come across. The main objective of Parkour is speed and accurately using walls, big rocks, trees or any object that block their movement to accelerate their speed. The training focuses on several aspects like having a good eye to the environment, how to use their own bodies and the objects around to propel their speed by running, jumping, climbing, rolling, hanging, swinging, vaulting, quadrupedal movements and several moves. This is often practiced as playful sport in many countries.


Vidyut Jamwal is versatile when it comes to martial arts and workout. However Vidyut Jamwal revealed that he owes his fitness to Kalaripayattu training, which he started at a very young age. According to him, kalaripayattu is the foundation to his entire physical training regime.


Vidyut Jamwal Gym Workout Plan:-


Vidyut Jamwal goes Gym in only four days in a week:

First Day workout of Vidyut:- Back and Biceps

3 sets of 5-6 reps cable row


Two sets of T – bar row of 12-15 reps

3 sets of 8-10 reps EZ bar curls

3 sets of hammer curls of 8-10 repetitions with each arm

Two sets of loops reverse dumbbell 12-15 reps

3 sets of 8-10 reps of pushups


Second day workout of Vidyut:- chest and triceps

3 sets of barbell bench press 4-6 reps

3 sets of incline bench press reps 4-8

3 cord sets of 10 reps push-down

Two cable assemblies 13 flyes representatives

3 sets of 8-10 reps skull crushers

Two sets of triceps kickbacks of 12-15 reps


Third Day workout of Vidyut -Legs

20 minutes running on treadmill

Two sets of 8 reps of barbell slots with each leg

Two sets of dumbbell reverse slots of 8 reps with each leg

3 sets of stiff leg deadlifts 8-10 reps


Fourth Day workout of vidyut:- shoulders

Two sets of shrugs of 12-13 reps

Two sets of dumbbell side lateral elevation of 10 repetitions with each arm

Two sets of dumbbell lateral raise before 10 repetitions with each arm

3 sets of seated dumbbell press 6-8 reps

3 sets of vertical row of 6-8 reps


As it is said, hard work always pays. we can see the same in Vidyut’s case. His hard work to achieve and maintain his fitness is quite incredible and is extremely complicated.

His body, his action and his stunts that makes people wonder seems to be extremely hard earned. Vidyut is an inspiration to the youngsters who want to remain fit.

Well, He really does a lot to keep himself fit. I really wonder if anyone among the other actors works so hard to remain fit. His amazing and immensely admirable fitness deserves applause and we salute vidyut for being a role model of many youngsters.