vastu Tips For kitchen

Implementing Vastu recommendations for your kitchen is very vital, as it has a direct impact on your health. Various aspects are considered in regards to the Vastu of the kitchen namely location of kitchen; direction of doors and windows; placement of sink, electronic gadgets, cooking gas, etc. It is believed that if the kitchen is designed as per Vastu Shastra then, it attracts happiness and health for the inhabitants.

Some of the crucial points to be considered while setting up the kitchen are:-

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Location: Kitchen should be located in the South East corner. It should never be placed below or above Pooja room, toilet or Bed room. It should not share a common wall with the bathroom or toilet. Kitchen must never face the main entrance of the house.

Entrance: Entrance should face East, North or West. Door of the kitchen should never be in any of the corners and should not face the door of the toilet. Door should open in the clockwise direction.

Platform: Should be in the South East corner of the house. Extending the kitchen platform, in an ‘L’ shape, towards South wall would be favorable.
Cooking Stove: Should be placed in the South East direction so that the person cooking faces towards the east. Gas burner should not be in front of the entrance of the kitchen. Avoid placing any shelf over the cooking gas.

Cylinder: It should be placed in the South East zone. Empty cylinders should be stored in the South West.

Sink: Should be placed in the North East direction, with adequate distance from the cooking range. .

Windows: Large windows should be East facing while small ventilators should be South facing.

Exhaust Fan: Should be facing East zone.

Refrigerator: Refrigerator, if placed in the kitchen should be kept in the South West, South, West or North direction.

Dishwasher: Can be placed in the North West direction.

Other Electrical Appliances: Electrical appliances such as geysers, micro-waves ovens, and conventional ovens should be kept in the south east or south side of the kitchen.

Clocks: Should always be placed on the South or South West walls.

Storage: The storage should always be on the Southern and the western walls and not on the Northern and the Eastern walls.

Drinking Water: The water source should be kept in the north east direction.

Dining Table: Place it in the North West or West direction. Never place it in the centre of the kitchen.

Color Scheme: Color of walls and floors should be green, yellow, orange, rose, or red. It should never be black.

Cleaning: Kitchen should be cleaned at night and used utensils should be washed before sleeping.
Offerings: Sacred offerings are to be given to the fire from the first thing you cook.

Follow the above mentioned Vastu Shastra tips for your kitchen and you shall observe health, peace, wealth and prosperity. Some of the tips mentioned above may seem a bit absurd, but all of these remedies have firm reasoning of Vastu Shastra behind them. So, without any hesitation implement them in your kitchen and see the difference for yourself.