Vastu Advice for Commercial Shops

commerial shop vastu

Commercial shops designed in accordance to Vastu Shastra should be constructed considering the orientation, location of the shop, directional method, placement of interiors and exteriors, etc. With few Vastu tips in designing your shop, you can possibly attract profits, revenue and boost positive impact on your business.

Few beneficial Vastu tips for Commercial Shops are as follows:

  • Owner should sit facing the East or North zone. South and West zones are considered as the source of trouble and loss to the business.
  • Plot or site of shop must rectangular or square shaped. Irregularly shaped showrooms may cause loss.
  • Entrance of shop should face East or North East.
  • There should not be any slope towards the entrance of the shop as it fails to make profits consistent.
  • Ensure that the entrance is completely open, without any obstructions.
  • There should not be any open drain in front of the shop.
  • Sales Counter should be road facing.
  • Cash counter should open towards North. Ensure that the cash box is never kept empty.
  • Cashier should be located in the South East direction.
  • The door of the safe should open towards the North direction.
  • The Manager or the Senior Officer should have their office facing East or North direction.
  • Hot selling items should be placed in the North West zone.
  • Ready goods should be kept in the South West corner.
  • The shop counter should be angular and not curved or round. It should be placed in the South East or the South West zone.
  • Avoid cluttering the North East corner of the shop. Place a fountain or a water source in this corner.
  • Avoid placing deities of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha on the right side of North East corner.
  • Auspicious symbols of ‘swastik’; ‘shubh-labh’ and ‘riddhi-siddhi’ should be displayed on the inner walls of the shop.
  • Prayers should be offered to God, by lighting a lamp and burning incense sticks; every morning, after opening the shop.
  • Electronic gadgets such as computer, television, etc should be kept in South East corner of shop.
  • Showcases and other heavy items should be kept in the South West corner.
  • Ensure that the hinges of the door are greased periodically, so that the doors do not make noise, while opening or closing. All the doors of the shop should open inside and should always open towards the right side.
  • Level of floor of the South West & South directions should be constructed higher compared to other directions.
  • Grow small decorative plants and shrubs in the North and East corners of your shop.


Following the guidelines of Vastu in designing your shop shall draw success and economic growth in your business. Design your shop considering the above mentioned tips.