Varun Dhawan Fitness , Work Out and Diet Plan

Varun Dhawan Fitness Work Out Diet Plan
Varun Dhawan Fitness Work Out Diet Plan


Varun Dhawan is one of the coolest actors among the young actors of this generation. The actor being the son of David Dhawan was born with a silver spoon but he made a place into bollywood and occupied a place in the people’s heart with his talent. The very talented actor has made a lot of fans with his debut in Student of the year, his fans list kept increasing with every movie. The actor is multi- talented, besides having excellent acting skills, he is an awesome dancer too. His amazing dance moves are also loved by the audiences. The handsome actor who is the heart throb of millions of girls has a toned and chiseled body that makes the girls go gaga and makes all the boys crave for such body. The Handsome hunk does a lot of work out and also follows a strict diet plan to maintain such physique.

Let’s have a look at Varun Dhawan’s work out and diet plan

The amazing physique of the young and handsome actor is due to his trainer, Prashant Sawant. Prashant sawant is a very famous celeb trainer. He has trained actors like Shah Rukh khan, Ajay Devgan, and many other actors. With an awesome trainer, Varun does a strict work out with complete dedication. He works out five days in week for ninety minutes each day.

-Well, the basic thing that is usually done before work out session is the warm up

and Varun also begin his training regimen by warm-up exercises and prepares his

body for work out.

-He then does cardio vascular exercise on regular basis.

-He then continues the work out by doing Mixed martial arts.

-He does light weight lifting every day and also practices heavy weight lifting


– He also increases his work out session, if he has to prepare himself for any stage


– He believes in showing complete dedication in work out.

Varun also gives a piece of advice to his fans who want to achieve a body like him He says one must make an effort to acquire limber body rather than a bulked up one.

Make the body flexible with work out. Warm up session is very essential before work out. Five to ten minutes of cardio workouts such as jogging, swimming, running etc. can be done to warm up the body.

While doing exercises make sure it’s done properly and the intense stretching exercises are better done under the supervision of trainer because it may result in body aches.

Diet plan OF Varun Dhawan

The actor believes in having healthy food. As the actor has a family history of diabetes, the actor prefers

only healthy and whole some foods. He avoids sugar, excess carbohydrates and also oily foods.

He has a diet plan and believes in following his diet plan strictly.

Varun’s breakfast includes healthy and yummy food. He takes omelet, oatmeal , whole

wheat grain sandwich etc in breakfast.

His lunch includes carbohydrates as he loves having steamed brown rice, three chapatis , broccoli, baked chicken

etc in his lunch.

In the mean time whenever he feels like having something he never goes for junk food. He takes snacks but that too healthy. He prefers to have fruits like papaya , banana, protein smoothie , lotus seeds , etc.

Varun never has excess food in dinner. He prefers only having light food. His dinner includes plenty of mixed veggies with grilled fish and green tea.

Well, the actor is so conscious about his diet that he avoids having any kind of junk food. But even if he has junk or excess food anytime then he burns those extra calories with extensive workout.