Top 5 Best Cream For Acne Removal That Will Surely Remove your Acne

Get armed to fight your Acne Face: What to buy at the Corner store?

Acne is one of those common skin issues that torment women. Acne most commonly occurs when the skin naturally begins producing a lot of sebum. Bacteria grow in the mixture of oil and dirt and sometimes, this infected mixture seeps into surrounding tissues, causing swelling and redness. One big yet commonly occurring mistake responsible for acne outbreak &spread is that people tend to squeeze or press the affected areas trying to extract out the pus.

Apart from the key factors illustrated by the image,Lets also address the Work-Life Imbalance Factor :

  • My clock-work lifestyle gives me no break, to cook or even pack healthy food to office.Post work, I am utterly tired and reluctant to carry out any sort of skin cleansing operation. The result is the accumulation of dirt, oil and grime on my face and worsening of the acne problem consequentially.
  • Now, that I can’t change my lifestyle or habits so abruptly, the only option that remains for me is to try out some, really promising acne curing products available in the market.

What Products to Try

The tremendous media glare on Acne has ensured that adverts, commercials, flyers and electronic media ads all promote countless products which miraculously claim to free you of acne and bless you with clean unblemished skin. When you arm yourself to fight the acne battle the first thing you should do is to pick your arsenal well. At some of the commonest acne curing products are finely decoded, offering us with all the knowledge on how these products actually work in curing the scary acne.


An anti acne soap can reduce the bacterial deposits on skin, eliminate the clogs on your pores and refresh the skin.
Vaadi Herbals has a good anti acne soap too, while Derma Dew Anti Acne Soap also comes highly recommended by dermatologists.

Let’s see how two of the top acne soaps fare against each other

  1. Vaadi Herbals Anti Acne Soap
  2. Derma Dew Anti Acne Soap

  • Purely a mild herbal soap ideal for those who believe in using completely organic products.
  • Has tea tree oil, citrus oil extracts, clove oil and turmeric in it.While turmeric helps in reducing marks left by acne, clove oil kills bacteria effectively and tea tree oil controls.
  • This soap has no added perfume. Doesn’t dry out the skin & keeps away the shine for more than 3 Hours.
  • Contains Ethyl Lactate, Salicylic Acid, Willow extracts, Olive Oil, Oleo surfactant and Glycerine Manuka.

Anti-acne Face Packs

Face packs are great, when used in combination with other products like anti acne soaps and creams, they do show some great results. An anti acne face pack sucks away the excess oil and impurities from the skin. Good face packs come with anti-bacterial properties to destroy the acne causing bacteria. The most popular and trusted acne clearing face packs in the market today are ‘Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Pack’ and the Ever Youth 3-in-1 anti-acne face Pack. Now let’s see how these two face packs fare against each other.

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Pack and Ever Youth 3 In 1 Anti Acne Face Pack

  • The active ingredients like Fuller’s earth (Multani mitti), Turmeric and Neem claim to fight acne. While neem is a good natural antiseptic, turmeric helps in eliminating the acne scars and brightening skin.
  • This has ingridients like mint, lemon extract, kaolin and turmeric which all work towards controlling bacterial accumulation, reducing sebum production and healing acne scars.

Anti Acne Face Cream

Anti Acne Face Creams are usually applied in combination with anti acne face washes, as the cream can only help skin which has been scrupulously cleaned. The face creams are specifically made for oily or combination. Anti acne face creams have specific ingredients that work on two levels; eliminating bacteria and reducing scars. The top anti acne creams are:

  1. Vaadi Herbals Anti Acne cream
  2. Biotique Bio Winter spot correction cream
  3. Khadi Herbal anti acne cream etc.

Let us see how two of these top creams fare against each other.
Khadi Herbal Anti Acne Cream and Vaadi Herbals Anti Acne Cream

  • It is loaded with potent anti acne ingredients like Name, Aloe Vera, Tea tree oil etc.
  • This product promises to be anti inflammatory and anti bacterial and suitable even for sensitive skin.
  • The Khadi anti acne product has a creamy base which is light yet moisture rich and it can hydrate skin without making it too oily.
  • The cream made from unique blend of herbs has clove and neem oil along with tea tree oil as active ingredients.
  • The pungency of clove is balanced by the soothing effect of tea tree oil leading to a pleasant effect on the skin.
  • Added presence of orange peel extracts help in curbing the secretion of sebum.

Anti Acne Gels

For people with very oily skin; an anti acne gel may work much better than an anti acne cream which has a heavy base. A gel is made of a water based formula which gets easily absorbed in the skin without leaving traces of oil behind.

There are many types of anti acne gels and some of the best are Lotus Herbals acne Gel with Tea Tree Oil.

Lotus Anti Acne Gel

  • This suits most skin types including oily and normal skin. Unlike other anti acne products this herbal gel does not peel off the skin but gradually reduces the inflammation.
  • The Lotus anti acne gel promises to show results after one week of regular application.
  • This is an affordable and completely herbal anti acne gel.