Villains, the bad guys in Bollywood are the one’s that are equally important as hero and heroine. The movie is’nt complete until the hero defeats villain. The better work they do, the more they are hated by the audiences. They are very mean and evil and bring life to a movie. They are the backbone of every Indian cinema.But beneath all the negativity and hatred we can have for a villain, we could spare a thought for the sheer talent of an actor in a negative role.

so here’s the list of top 10 villains of bollywood;

1.PRAN :

Pran lived his whole life entertaining and scaring the hell out of people. He was the “King of villains”.Villains of the black-and-white era were usually caricatures, but Mr. Sikand introduced a measure of complexity. And although he stood only 5-foot-7, his intense eyes and   voice made him an intimidating antagonist to much taller actors. He worked in several movies like Upkar, Sheesh mahal, Jis desh me ganga behti hai etc. left a huge impact on audiences.

2.Amrish puri:

He is the most loved villain who defined terror on the silver screen, and was known for his unique voice and powerful personality. From Mogambo to Simran’s Babuji, Amrish Puri brought his characters to life with his raging presence. Whether it was “Mogambo khush hua” from Mr.India or ” Ja simran Ja jeele apni zindagi” from DDLJ, his dialogues are still alive and used in real life too to express emotions.

3.Amjad Khan:

Amjad Khan portrayed the character of Gabbar in the movie Sholay and immortalised him as the scariest villain in the Indian cinema. He played the role so perfectly that the laughter of the scariest robber, Gabbar, can still give you chills on the back of your neck.

“Kitne aadmi the”

“Ab tera kya hoga Kalia?”

“Jo dar gaya, samjo margaya”

“Holi kab hai, kab hai Holi?”

“Teeno Bachgaye,Teeno Haraamjado Ko Kuch Nahin Hua!Haha haha!”

“Thakur, yeh haath mujhe dede”

He stole the thunder with his unorthodox and eerie dialogue delivery that was perfectly apposite to the total lack of empathy his character was supposed to convey. Even after thirty five years people fondly remember his dialogues.


4.Prem Chopra:

He is another very famous villain of bollywood. He has ever since 1967 been a leading villain in Hindi films. The dialogs “Prem chopra naam hai mera” from the film Bobby and from the film Souten “Mai wo bala hu jo sheshay se pathar ko todta hu” are immensely popular.


5.Danny Denzongpa:

.He had his first major negative role in B.R.Chopra’s ‘Dhundh’, where he played the role of a crippled and frustrated husband, which showed his power to emote. He was the first choice for Gabbar in the classic movie sholay. He is also known as one of the most stylish villains ofbollywood.

6.Shakti kapoor:

We all know Shakti Kapoor, the 6 feet tall gentleman who has entertained all of us with his roles of that of a comedian as well as a villain. He is one of the most versatile actors in bollywood. His famous roles as villain were in chalbaaz, Aankhen, mai khiladi tu anari and gunda.


  1. Gulshan Grover:

He was the bad man of bollywood and it looks like he was born for doing negative roles. His famous movies as villains are Mohra, hera pheri, criminal and khiladiyoen ka khiladi.


8.Paresh Rawal:

Before playing the role of comic actor, He played the role of best and most successful villain in 90’s. He worked in movies like Ram Lakhan, Swarg, Damini, Dilwale and Andaz apna apna.

9.Naseer uddin shah:

He is one the versatile actors of bollywood and he is know for playing the villain in classic movies like mohra.


his real name is Hamid ali khan but his stage name is Ajit and lion.He is famous for his work in kaalicharan as lion and his dialogue “Saara sheher mujhe lion ke naam se jaanta hai” is still very famous.