Spice up love in Your Married Life with Vastu tips

Vastu Remedies for Happy Married Life

Everyone would aim to lead a happy married life. Implementation of Vastu Shastra can help a couple enhance their chances of leading a happy married life. Defects in Vastu can lead to non-compatibility amongst the life partners. According to Vastu, in case your home is not in a proper balance, it can cause grief, differences in relationships etc.  Wrong placement of home and objects in the home can affect the married life. Vastu of a house has an immense impact on the married life.
Below are mentioned few Vastu tips which can help the couples enhance love and prosperity in their relationship –

  • Bedroom should be placed in the South-West or North-West corner of the house. North-east and south-east zones should be avoided.
  • Paint bedroom walls in light colors.
  • Bedroom should be clutter free.
  • Place no mirror in the bedroom.
  • Avoid using a double mattress in the bedroom.
  • Shape of the bedroom should be square or rectangle shaped.
  • Prefer wooden bed instead of metal.
  • Avoid placing the bed below a beam.
  • Head of the couple should face towards the south.
  • Husband should always sleep on the right side of the bed while the wife should sleep on the left side.
  • Avoid placing computer or TV in the bedroom, if placed cover it with a white cloth when you sleep at night.
  • Do not hang paintings that symbolize death, violence or negative aspects of life.
  • Avoid the placement of the underground water tank in the south-west direction.
  • Place the gas in the South-East direction and sink in the North-East or North direction.
  • Avoid toilet in Southwest direction.
  • Keep the door of the toilet and toilet seat cover closed, when not in use.
  • Dressing table should not be kept in South West zone.
  • Keep fruits like pomegranate and fresh flowers in the room. Avoid keeping dry and artificial flowers in the room.
  • Bedroom should be illuminated with comfortable lights and not with bright or dim lights.
  • Decorate the house with beautiful crystals; rose quartz gives peace and tranquility in married life.
  • Avoid spending time in the bedroom when you are angry, unhappy or stressed.
  • Everything in the bedroom should be kept fresh, clean and sparkling.

If the above mentioned tips are followed accurately, Vastu Shastra shall help enhance the positive energies in your life abolishing the negative energies, leading to a happy married life.