Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman is an Indian television show that is currently airing on Sony Entertainment Television from Monday to Saturday evenings.It depicts the story of Lord Hanuman told from the viewpoint of Lord Shri Krishna and Devi Rukmini.

Everyone has known Hanuman as Ram Bhakt, very few people know his virtue and stories before and after he met Ram. He is claimed to be bigger than Ram and more important in the scheme of things in Ramayan.
The show focuses on bringing out his qualities and deriving morals from his life which are relevant in day-to-day life.


Written updates

Hanuman learns that deep down in his heart his prabhu Ram lives. He realizes that his mother is missing him and so Ram requests Ved Raj ji to make him meet his mother. Vaid Raj ji makes Hanuman keep the gifts in a potli. Hanuman folds his hands towards the members of the royal family sadly. They all bless him. Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva hold each of Hanuman’s hand. Hanuman is moved to tears. He turns to look at Ram before finally leaving with Vaid Raj / Lord Shiva.

  • Anjana imagines Hanuman everywhere. She shouts Hanuman as he disappears. Anjana realises she can see and hear Hanuman everywhere. He is says he is coming.

Ravan gathers a few priests in his place to find out the perfect mahurat to get hold of Amrit. Guru Shukracharya says the coming Maha Purnima will be best for your motive. This Maha Purnima is coming after 108 years. Like every year, this time there will be a big movement in the Amrit-Kalash. This time the effect will be bigger. Even Chandra Loka will problem in managing it. One astrologer adds that Shani can overpower Chandra Dev. Guru Shukracharya says they can get into a fight. Fight amongst two insiders helps an outsider. We have to see how much you can make use of it. Ravan plans to attack on Chandra Loka on Maha Purnima Day. Even that vanar kid wont be there to save Chandra dev this time.

Precap: Guru Shukracharya advises Ravan to make use of this chance. You should get Amrit for youself and other Asuras. Ravan knows what he has to do. Mahadev and Mata Parvati are with Hanuman. They see the changes happening in sky.