Sandeep Anand Profile Wiki And Serials : Girlfriend ; Affair and much More

Sandeep Anand Height Weight Career affairs Serials Wiki
Sandeep Anand Height Weight Career affairs Serials Wiki

Sandeep Anand Profile Wiki And Serials : Girlfriend ; Affair and much More

  • Name: Sandeep Anand
  • Age: 35
  • Birthday: 30th May
  • Place Of Birth: Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Profession: Comic Actor


Sandeep Anand a well-known comic character is very popular for his comedy and acting. He had played a lot of comic roles in different different comedy shows including an idiot funny inspector in “F.I.R” a college student in “Sun Yaar Chill Maar” and an employed husband in “May I Come In Madam”.


Born on 30 may in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh to a Punjabi family was interested in acting since childhood. As his father’s job used to require a lot of transfers and this gave Sandeep an opportunity to explore new places. In 1994 he moved to Ujjain to his grandparents and did his schooling from their only. He started his career from the show “Sun Yaar Chill Maar” on UTV Bindaas for instance he had done many TV commercials as well. Rumors are being heard about Sandeep that he has signed a Bollywood movie starring Bollywood senior Mahesh Manjrekar. Role in “Sun Yaar Chill Maar”: Sandeep Anand played the role of a college student in the show “Sun Yaar Chill Maar” on UTV Bindaas. Though the show did not aired for a long period but in that duration Sandeep won the hearts of many people by his acting skills.

Sandeep Anand Role in “F.I.R”:

An idiot funny constable Billu, the role played by Sandeep in the serial F.I.R aired on SAB TV. The lead role was played by kavita as chandramukhi chautala who had 3 constables under her one of them was Sandeep. He increased his fan following by his hilarious role and awesome acting. Billu some of the times consider himself as a ‘chaiwala’ or someday becomes a bride’s disheartened or upset father. With this habit of Billu everyone at the police station is quite irritated. They all want to get rid of this character, but they could not due to top orders. With this funny habits Billu creates a lot of comic situations.

Sandeep Anand “May I Come In Madam?” :

The serial “May I Come In Madam?” is running on air on “Life Ok”. The character played by Sandeep in the show is typically interesting. He is a married employee but shows interest in his boss who is a female and does not show any interest in his wife. The show is basically based on what’s cooking in a man’s mind. He every time takes his wife in a negative way where as he positively takes his female boss.


According to sources Sandeep Anand is neither committed in any relationship nor he is married. Probably Sandeep is more focused in his work than in getting into any relationships or maybe he wants it not to be revealed. Maybe he did not find any girl like him or maybe he is a mamma’s boy!! Laugh Out Loud!! 😛 Jokes apart, the actor iscurrently not committed with anyone but we can not guarantee in the future. 😛 😀