Ritika singh is the female lead from the bollywood’s upcoming sports drama “Saala khadoos”. There is something really interesting about her that will impress the audience. The actress is acutally a national- level kickboxer holds a black belt in karate and is also trained in mixed martial arts.

Raj Kumar Hirani wanted to make the movie look real and there he goes. He had choosen a real boxer for the role. Well, what else is required to make the movie look real. The punches, the kicks everything will be done by a real boxer.

Ritika, the boxer whose childhood fantasy has turned real is excited about the movie. Once, she saw a movie in which the female was beating up bad guys and she was so enthralled and ended up saying her dad that she would love to do something like this. and the amazing thing is that she was just 5 when she told that to her father.

The little girl wish was definitely fulfilled when she was given a chance to opt for boxing and today her dream of acting in a movie has also been fulfilled. Somebody rightly said, you never know when God will fulfill your desires She dreamed of doing such role and have a look at Ritika’s life, she is here playing the role of a boxer in Saala khadoos.

The girl who is an athlete have never thought that she would get a chance to act in a bollywood movie that too with Madhavan and in Raj kumar Hirani’s film.

It was from amongst 100 athletes that lead actress Ritika Singh was chosen. Ritika Singh was shortlisted only after the casting team had a ringside view of 700- odd duels and had auditioned nearly 100 athletes.

Raju Hirani chose a national level boxer over an actress to play the lead role. He felt the fights required stamina and intensity, and only a real boxer could make them look real. So, the entire team set out on a hunt for one. They auditioned over 100 boxers and attended over 700 boxing matches all over the country, before they finalised the female lead.

Raju Hirani took a risk when he decided to choose an athlete for acting in his movie and he also revealed that he was so apprehensive about his decision. But he was relieved when he saw Ritika’s acting skills and now he is confident that this real life boxer will surely impress the audience with her acting ability and real punches.

Ritika also says that she want to show everyone that she can act well too. And she is overwhelmed by the response and attention she has been getting for a while.

This multi-talented girl is all set to impress the viewers and win millions of hearts with her acting ability and we just hope that this movie will be a hit on the box-office.