There was a much hyped rumour about Ranbir – Katrina’s marriage in November. But sadly, November passed, new year arrived and now we hear about their unfortunate breakup. Bollywood’s most talked-about couple Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif have reportedly ended their six-year long relationship.



While rumours have been rife for quite some time that there have been tensions in Ranbir and Katrina’s relation, now It has been confirmed that the two have parted their ways. Ranbir moved out of their Carter Road flat with all his luggage. Katrina soon flew off to Delhi to promote Fitoor. This is it for them. That’s how they ended their 6 year relationship.

Although nobody knows the exact reason behind such a big decision but there is quite a lot buzz about deepika and ranbir’s closeness and sizzling chemistry in Tamasha lead to their split.

Well, nobody can deny the fact that Ranbir looked way better with his ex. No doubt , kat is a beautiful lady but unfortunately her chemisty with Ranbir was not so admirable.

The problem started when Ranbir decided to work with deepika in Tamasha.

When someone asked Katrina how she felt about the exes working together (for Tamasha), she said, I cant enforce my will on the people in my life. Their choices are their own. I may not be happy with them but I hope that as they mature, their choices will change.

This clearly shows that she had a problem with both exes working together in Tamasha

         Rishi Kapoor cleared his stance on his future daughter-in-law, A newspaper reported that she (Katrina) has started calling me, Papa. Rubbish, she wouldnt dare to take such liberties with me. Im not the sort to duck questions.

This also clearly shows that Rishi kapoor wasn’t much happy with his son’s choice.


And soon after the news of their breakup, broke the internet, the gossip mills were abuzz with the rumours of Salman Khan being the one behind their breakup. According to Bollywoodlife.com, Katrina had a two-hour long chat with the Dabanng Khan. It was only after this conversation, Katrina decided to quit and finally called it off.

   Well, we now just hope that both of them move on in their lives and find someone better.