Bahubali Prabhas Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Bahubali workout
Look Of Prabhas IN Movie Bahubali


Prabhas is an Indian film actor who is popularly known for his work in tollywood.

He was born on October 23, 1979, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. He is 6 ft. 2

inch tall comes into the list of tall and handsome actors. The actor gained 20 kg

Weight for his role in Bahubali. The movie was a huge success all over the world

And Prabhas character Shiva was extremely admired. His fit body and strength were

also shown in the movie and Prabhas has impressed everyone with his handsome

looks. After the huge success of Bahubali, Bahubali 2 is all set to put the Indian

Cinema on to fire. Well, everyone has quite high expectations from bahubali 2 and

For that every character must be best in their looks and acting. So, Prabhas was

again trained before the shooting of Bahubali2 began for his role of Amarendra

Baahubali in Baahubali 2, It was not easy for Prabhas as he had to put on 17 extra

kilos. After working so hard for Bahubali, Prabhas got a very fruitful result and we

are very sure the same thing will happen with Bahubali2 too. The movie has won

Prabhas fans from all over India and also all over the world.

His looks and body are admired by each and everyone and there must be many of

His fans who desire to get a body like him. If you are among those, and wondering

about his fitness secret, then you are at the right place.

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Prabhas fitness secret:

Prabhas Workout Routine

Prabhas works out for approximately six hours daily. Here are the key elements of

his workout routine for his role in Baahubali:

 In the morning, he spends about one and a half hour for cardio.

 His main focus is on muscles of the body which he maintains through

various fitness techniques.

 In evening he lifts weight for about one and a half hour to strengthen his

body muscles.

 He got inspired by wrestlers of WWF by their workout routine and training


He believes in carrying out his workout strictly.

Prabhas Diet Plan

Prabhas has been on a very strict on a diet regimen. Here is the diet that he takes:

 His breakfast includes 40 egg whites which are half boiled blended and added

with protein powder every day.

 He has a lot of restrictions in his diet and cannot eat whatever he wants to.

He was on a zero carbohydrate diet for his role in his recent movie


 Prabhas diet consists of nuts, fish, almonds, egg whites, and vegetables

which he used to eat in his six meals.

 His diet does not include rice.

 He takes his meals after every two hours.

 The total calorie intake of Prabhas was between 2000 to 4000 calories a day.

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Prabhas Workout Tips

1. The body needs to grow in right proportions. For this one should follow

rigorous and weightlifting workouts.

2. He never too any steroids for building body, he says drugs are risky and can

cause health problems.

3. He prefers a daily routine workout with proper natural diets and regular


Follow his workout regime, diet plan and tips strictly and you are not far

from achieving an amazing body like him.

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