serial police factory


Police Factory is an Indian comedy crime television series, which premiered on 26 September 2015 and is broadcast on SAB TV. The series is produced by DJ’s Creative Unit of Tony Singh. The action comedy show revolves around the story of a police academy based in Mohali, Punjab, where the sincere police officer, Shamsher Devgan proves that he is worthy training anyone, if it is a stone or a diamond. which is known for producing outstanding police officers. The show will revolve around common people who have accomplished something extraordinary.


A brave police offer, Shamsher Singh Devgan(Tarun Khanna), challenged by a reporter(Manmohan Tiwari), hired by Devgan’s opponent, Inspector Inderjeet Chaddha(Naveen Bawa) to be a chief himself, he wants to ruin Devgan and be a chief of the Police Factory. Hiring some mischiefs, the journey begins.


Tarun Khanna as Inspector Shamsher Singh Devgan

Vihana Singh as Inspector Maya Mohan

Naveen Bawa as Inspector Indrajeet Chadda

Paras Arora as Cadet Rahul

Deeksha Sonalkar as Priya Devgan

Ritesh Mobh as Thief Vicky /Cadet Vicky

Shireena Sambyal as Cadet Sheena Dhingra

Neha Tomar as Cadet Ruby

Akshay Anand Kohli as Cadet Bundel Singh Jaat

Akash Pratap Singh as Cadet Rishi

Anurag Singh Thakur as Cadet Bonie D’Costa

Manmohan Tiwari as Reporter / Inderjeet Chadda’s friend.

Written update

Ruby and Bundel gets abducted by the Valentine villain. The Valentine villain put forths an offer before them to choose either life or death. Both of them chooses their love’s life and then decides to die together. Valentine villain hits an arrow at Ruby but Bundel takes the arrow on his chest and the Valentine villain flies away. Police factory cadets goes out in search of the duo. Ruby takes Bundel to hospital and the police factory comes there. They start their investigation to search for the villain. They trace the taxi which he hired and finally gets to know that he is none other than the Love Guru who got dumped by his girlfriend few years back. They trace his phone and finds that he is at his girlfriends place. Love guru ties his girlfriend and her husband and tries to kill them but the police factory comes there on time and saves them. While the mystery of valentine villain is solved, Shamsher finally asks Maya for dinner on valentine’s day. She agrees to be his valentine. Ruby and Bundel who already expressed their feelings for each other spends some good time. While Sheena and Vicky also express their love for each other. Shamsher and Maya, Ruby and Bundel, Sheena and Vicky, Rahul and Priya dance together and celebrate their love.

Shamsher then receives a call and along with all the cadets they set out for another mission

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