Nupoor sanoon The cute sister of kirti sanoon

Nupur Sanon, the sister of a very popular bollywood actress Kriti Sanon is said to be an upcoming actress. She is a singer and had been featured in songs recently.

Nupur Sanon is a trained singer and she is also looking forward to pursue her dream of becoming an actress just like her sister. She has done two musics, teri galiyaan and bekaar karke last year and is looking forward to pursue more as a singer.

She is as pretty as her sister Kriti and the sisters share a very cute relationship. The Sanon sisters love to spend time with each other and they definitely wish for each others success. Kriti Sanon, who came into limelight with her debut in Heropanti and is now flying high with the success of Dilwale, has often spoken about her sister’s talent and dream.

The Sanon sisters hails from Delhi. While Kriti moved to Mumbai to pursue her dream of being an actress and she successfully fulfilled it, Nupur is still in Delhi. Kriti, in a recent interview said that Nupur may come to Mumbai to pursue her dream of being a successful singer and actress. She also said that she is eagerly waiting to work with her sister.

Well, we have seen few younger sisters in the past in bollywood, who failed to achieve success and fame like their elder sister. But I really hope that Nupur will make it happen, she will be a successful singer and an actor.

We just wish the pretty girl with a melodious voice, good luck for her future and hope to see the sisters rocking the bollywood soon.