For all those people who love and are obsessed with gaming, here’s a good news for you. Nintendo’s next console, currently codenamed the Nintendo NX, is on its way. The Nintendo NX may be arriving this autumn. According to a new report from a Nomura Securities analyst (via Barron’s Asia), Nintendo will allegedly be unveiling its new console in full this June – presumably at this year’s E3 – leading to full and final launch sometime between October and November, fitting in perfectly with the end of year shopping season. They also said they expect Nintendo to announce the “concept” between March and May, so we may not have to wait very much longer before we find out what exactly the NX will entail.


The NX will also apparently use “industry-leading chips”, suggesting it might actually surpass the PS4 and Xbox One in raw power rather than simply play catch up like the Wii U. Despite launching little more than a year before the PS4 and Xbox One, the Wii U is actually more comparable with the PS3 and Xbox 360, and has missed out on several of this generation’s major multi-platform titles as a result. Of course, it’s still too early to say how it will compare with the inevitable PlayStation 5 and Xbox One successor (the Xbox Two?), but it’s still a promising sign for Nintendo fans who have been disappointed by the Wii U’s rather lacklustre performance.

Well, before saying anything about it let’s have a look at the rumours that have been prevailing about nintendo NX.

the first thing that is rumoured about Nintendi NX is that the system will run at 900p resolution. This may be due to how games are said to run at 60 frames per second. If this rumour is true then Nintendo NX has very low resolution.

Despite the low resolution of the console, it will supposedly be able to stream video at 4K resolution.The system is also set to have achievements like other consoles and services, and it will also allow users to surf the web and make video phone calls, suggesting a service like Skype or Google Hangouts. It will also come with a sensor bar, which suggests the console may have some sort of motion control features, or perhaps will keep the Wiimote control much in the way the Wii U did.

Like the Wii U, the system will allow players to transition from playing on their console to their controller. What’s interesting here is that the survey calls it the “Nintendo NX handheld device.” This suggests that perhaps one doesn’t need to be in close proximity of the console in order to play games. This could also explain why games run at a lower resolution since they have to be displayed on a smaller screen.

It’s too early to say and judge just by looking at the rumours because anything haven’t been confirmed yet. All we can do is hope that this Nintendo NX will have all the features that people have been expecting from it. I just wish that all the people who love gaming will love this new console.