Swara Bhasker can be definitely called an amazing actor as she does improves with every role she does. The trailer of Nil Battey Sannata was highly appreciated by everyone. Starring Riya Shukla and Ratna Pathak Shah in major roles, the movie is much more impressive than the trailer. The movie will surely capture your attention and definitely win your heart because the way both the actors played their roles is amazing. The way the actors did justice to their role is surely worth the applause. Especially, the role of a maid played by Swara Bhasker deserves a standing ovation because her acting and the way she held on to her character is highly appreciable.

Nil Battey Sannata Movie Ratings
This movie received 4 stars, that means it’s a great movie and you will definitely love it.

PLOT (Stroy)
The story is all about a poor mother, who works as maid and struggles for the bright future of her daughter and dreams a successful life for her. While Chanda (Swara) is highly focused to provide Apu(Riya) the best she can for her bright future but unfortunately Apu has no ambitions in life. She is not interested in her studies and she doesn’t dream of a better future because she made up her mind that even she has to be a maid like her mother. Chanda constantly tries to make Apu turn serious towards her studies but after trying a lot Chanda finally realizes the fact that Apu has no interest in her studies because she has this thing instilled in her mind that she has to be a maid like her mother in the future. The thing that disturbs the mother and daughter is Math. Apu is very poor at maths. But the story takes a turn when Chanda takes the advice of Ratna Pathak Shah and joins the same school as her daughter. Things surely turn bad between the two and the problems also arise but finally with lots of effort, chanda succeeds in making Apu learn Math and also makes her ambitious.

What’s hot?
Swara Bhaskar’s performance in the movie is totally astounding. The way she carried her role and portrayed the character of a maid will make you love her a lot and you will surely feel bad for her. Riya Shukla’s performance is also highly captivating. The way she behaves like a tough teen made the movie excellent. She definitely did a great job. Ratna Pathak Shah’s advice and character was also amazing. Her words of wisdom for Swara and even the jokes are very cute. Even though the movie has a strong story, it’s not a very emotional one that will make your cry all the while. Ashwini Iyer Tiwari’s direction was highly appreciative and the story is very strong.

What’s not?
This movie was a very light hearted one and there were not much flaws in the movie. There were many places which were focused and it was unnecessary. But the major thing was ending of Apu being interviewed by a man who is baffled by the fact that a girl has applied for UPSC exam and made Math her major. The weak part of the movie were the songs and also the places where the sentiments did not go well with the characters acting.

What to do?
Go and watch the film because it’s a lovely movie that is must watch for mother and daughter as it portrayed the best relationship. The way the story was scripted and the way the film was directed makes it a must watch. This movie is surely a pure delight to watch.