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Naagin is an Indian serial drama which was launched on Colors TV on 1st

November 2015. The serial is produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. It is

the story of revenge and love that revolves around the life of Naagin.


Mouni Roy plays the role of Shivanya (Naagin), and Adaa Khan plays the role of

Shesha, who is Shivanya’s sister. The two are ichchadhari nagin and their sole

the motive to kill their parent’s murderers is the main plot of the story. Ankush Raheja,

Viren, Sailesh , Suri and one more person brutally killed Shivanya’s parents and in

order to take her revenge Shivaya enters the house of Ankush Raheja as a maid

And his son Rithik falls for her. Ritik is engaged to Tanvi whom he doesn’t love.

She loves him as they were childhood friends. Yamini(Rithik’s mother) tries to get

her son married before he turns 25 years old as after that he is destined to die by a

Naagin bites if he doesn’t get married. This is because of a curse in his Kundli

(Markesh Dosh) caused by his dad’s killing Naag and Naagin on the night of

Shivratri. Shivanya creates such situation that Rithik and Shivanya end up getting


Shivaya focuses on her vengeance, and she is supported by her sister Sasha.

Hrithik’s extremely loveable and caring nature makes Shiva nyah fall for her.

Shivaya begins her revenge by killing siren followed by Suri and then by killing

Sailesh. Ankush Raheja is the 4th killer of her parents, but the 5th killer is not yet

revealed. Shesha doubts that there is some mystery behind Rithik. Shivanya and

Shesha is trying to find out the mystery and also the 5th killer of their parents.


Star cast

Main Cast

Mouni Roy as Shivanya Ritik Raheja (Naagin)

 Arjun Bijlani as Rithik Raheja

 Adaa Khan as Sesha (Naagin)

Supporting cast

Sudha Chandrann as Yamini Ankush Raheja (Rajkumari)

 Manish Khanna as Ankush Raheja aka Anky

 Sharika Raina as Amrita

 Siddharth Shivpuri as Angad

 Swati Jain as Divya

 Karuna Verma as Ramya Shailesh Mathur

 Madhura Naik as Mayuri (Icchadhari Morni)

 Kamalika Guha Thakurta as Guru Maa

Former Cast

 Puja Sharma as Tanvi Shailesh Mathur

 Aman Yatan Verma as Mr. Oberoi

 Mazher Sayed as Suri

 Lavina Tandon as Kanya /Goddess Kali

 Priya Shinde as Manisha Suri

 Rajat Tokas as Kabir Oberoi (Nevla)

 Gunjan Walia as Chhaya Viren Raheja

 Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal as Ramya Mathur

 Vimarsh Roshan as Viren Raheja


Naagin is on of the best and top running shows on television. It occupied 1st

position among all the TV shows with high ratings since the start and also the

ratings begin to increase with every week.

This show received an immensely great response since the start and the beautiful

Naagin’s are extremely impressive. Rithik’s character and the scintillating pair of

Rithik and Shivanya have also received great appreciation.

Written Updates

Rithik will get a hand on Nagmani and will hand over it to Ankush and Yamini. It

will be revealed that Yamini is the 5th killer and while Rithik is unaware of his

parents past the duo Ankush and Yamini plans to kill Rithik. Shivanya will find out

the truth and will try to save Rithik from their evil intentions.

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