Mere Angne Mein Star Plus Serial Cast wiki Written Updates
Mere Angne Mein Star Plus Serial Cast wiki Written Updates

Mere Angne Mein is a  television serial which is airing on Star Plus. The show is produced by Sphereorigins Multivision Pvt Ltd. It features Karam Rajpal and Ekta Kaul in the main roles. This serial outlines the differences between the authoritative and democratic as well as the generation gap between the head of the family and the youngest members.


Mere Angne Mein is a family drama, which shows the life of a joint family in a small town. Shanti Devi (Krutika Desai) is the dominating head of the Shrivastav family. Shanti Devi is seen as a very dominating women who wants everybody to follow her.


Karam Rajpal as Shivam Shrivastav
Ekta Kaul as Riya Mathur
Kruttika Desai Khan as Shanti Devi Shrivastav
Varun Badola as Raghav Shrivastav
Ananya Khare as Sarla Aggarwal
Suchita Trivedi as Kaushalya Shrivastav
Charu Asopa as Preeti Shrivastav
Neeraj Malviya as Amit Aggarwal
Pallavi Gupta as Parineeta Aggarwal
Aditi Dadhich as Bunty
Ashiesh Roy as Ashok Aggarwal
Vijay Kalwani as Boss – Mr. Gupta
Yasser Nomani as Money lender – Munna bhaiyya

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Written update

Shanti plans to give 4.5 lakhs to Riya and plans to steal the money so that she can send Riya out the house. She decides to do anything that takes to send Riya out of the house while Sujeev somes home hurt and decides to make the sketch of Nimmi to find her out. Shanti gives the responsibily of money to Riya .

Kaushalya asks Nandu to give gajras to Preeti. Shivam and Riya go to buy the readymade ring for Vyom, and asks the jeweler to show some good design and buy one. Parlor lady sets Preeti’s makeup and asks her to stop crying. Nandu comes there with gajras and sees Preeti crying. Nandu compliments Preeti and makes her smile. He asks her will she marry him. it turns to be his dream. The lady asks for gajras. He says sorry, and gives gajras. He compliments Preeti. Preeti gets angry and asks did I ask you, get lost from here, you don’t care of the insult always. He asks her why does she talk to him like this, he never said anything wrong to her. She sends him out.

Nimmi comes home and says a mad man met on the way, and I got hurt. Raghav gets angry and asks Kaushalya to explain Nimmi not to get into fights, she won’t get any good family guy. Riya and Shivam come home. Sarla asks did they get ring. Riya shows the ring. Sarla sees the small ring, and says its very light like it will fly now. Kaushalya says yes, its very light.

Kaushalya gets angry and asks what budget, will Preeti get married again and again, we are getting her married in rich house. Shivam says its not like that, we both liked this ring, I will change it if you say. Shanti thinks Kaushalya is becoming like me, and scolding Riya. Raghav says Riya got the right ring, don’t worry, we can give any gift all life to them, it will go on.

Nandu meets his friend and gets the letter. Mohit comes there and asks Nandu to talk to him well. He gets the love letter and says Nandu you wrote this love letter, but to whom. Nandu asks him to return it, I Mohit says so Nandu is in love and announces it. He asks is this for Preeti and gets angry. Nandu takes the letter and runs away.

Nimmi gives water to guests. Sujeev and Nimmi get shocked seeing each other.