Karan Singh Grover, the hottest guy, who entered into bollywood from Indian television already had many fans. The guy who won fame with his lead role in Dill mill gayye as “Dr. Armaan Malik” is currently enjoying the success of his movie “Hate story3”His cool and charming personality has made him stand out and his physique is enough to impress everyone.

All his fans who are obsessed with his looks, here is his fitness plan:

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The workout routine of Karan Singh is as any other major actor would want to get their body suitable for their fans. Karan is not the slightest bit rushed about his eating routine and workouts. He does everything thing it takes to keep his body fit. To him, workouts, eating routine and legitimate slumber are the most essential fixing to have a solid and fit body. He gives 35% significance to workouts, 60% significance to eating routine, and 5% significance to different things. Karan being extremely cautious about his body and workouts absolutely watches what he eats. Karan divides his eating regimen into four suppers.He gives 5% weightage to carbs, 15% weightage to proteins, and 10% to vitamins. Capable in cooking, Karan is professionally prepared in lodging administration too.

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Karan hits gym five times in a week. If he misses gym in the morning, he catches up with it in the evening. His daily workouts are divided into two parts i.e. cardio workouts and weight training.

Karan gives special heed to one particular muscle at a time for he believes in the development of individual muscles. Apart from that, he also points up bringing variation in exercises to have a fit body. The actor has allocated his days on the basis of various muscles and body parts.

Monday is for toning his back muscles; Tuesday is for chest and shoulder workouts. Wednesday is for arms and Thursday is for legs workouts.

According to him, he goes to gym to remain energetic and enthusiastic.

Hot and sexy Karan has really cool views about weight gain. He says that if anytime he gains weight, he has an easy trick to bring it right on the track. And his quick magic trick includes plenty of Water, lots of food rich in fiber, protein shake, for it is effective in magnifying muscles rather than calories.

Karan drinks occasionally in parties. He asserts that wine is great both for skin as well as health. But he does say; make sure your drink is not a hard drink. The guy strongly speaks against smoking and believes that smoking is a poison and its results are terribly disastrous.  

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