Almost everyone is Enjoying the feel of the sparkly new rose gold iPhone 6S in y

and the joy of 3D Touch. And now Apple’s already working on the iPhone 7, and rumors about it are beginning to spread.

Added in rumors that the iPhone 7 may have no headphone jack and an OLED screen.

No more headphone jack:

Apple is no stranger to eliminating ports and forcing users to switch cables and accessories to adapt. For a few months now, the rumor mill has been hinting that Apple will kill the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and opt for a wireless-only standard.

An earlier report hinted that the headphone jack might disappear, but headphones could be connected via the lightning port instead. Of course, that would pose problems for those who need to charge their phones while listening to audio with headphones. It’s unclear at this point if the rumors will prove true.

OLED screen, RAM and other high-end specs:

Apple could make some big changes on the iPhone 7’s spec sheet. The biggest rumor that’s come out has to do with a move from LCD screens to OLED screens. Some reports say the iPhone 7 will get an OLED screen, but others say the new screens won’t be ready in time and will arrive on later i Phones.

Up until the iPhone 6S, Apple’s phones only sported 1GB of RAM, even though many Android competitors used 3 or 4GB of RAM in their flagship phones. Now, reports hint that the iPhone 7 will get even more RAM than the 6S, with rumors of 3GB of RAM popping up for the iPhone 7 Plus.

It may be made of liquid metal and waterproof:

If Apple follows its own mobile trend the iPhone 7 should come with an entirely new design. Many sources hint that the iPhone 7 could be Apple’s first waterproof smartphone.

September release date rumored:

Apple typically reveals the new iPhone in September at a big event, and although rumors always pop up that it’ll arrive earlier or later, the new iPhone usually comes out right on schedule every fall.

A fingerprint sensor on the display and 3D Touch :

Apple often forges ahead with interesting new technologies and big changes when it releases non-S year iPhones. Rumors about the iPhone 7’s special features are widespread and intriguing this year

Earlier reports teased the possibility of multi-3D Touch, but it’s unclear if it will arrive on 2016’s iPhone.

Of course, it’s unclear which of these features, if any, will make it into the iPhone 7.

It’s very early days for the iPhone 7, despite what these rumors may make you think. We don’t even know if Apple will continue with adding an increasing number to the iPhone name, or if it’ll come up with something new for this edition.