How To Get Success In Career By Using Vastu Remedies


Vastu Tips for Career

All of us aim for a successful career and we put in our best efforts to achieve it but then, at times in spite of our best efforts we aren’t able to achieve what we deserve. In such conditions we should take the help of Vastu Shastra. Vastu suggests that every person should follow certain set guidelines in regards to directional management and study routine, in order to attain success. Vastu Shastra helps in creating a positive difference in our career.

Below are mentioned a few Vastu tips which can prove to boost your career growth:

For Professionals

To obtain success it is important to arrange your workplace as per the guidelines of Vastu.

  • Setup your office chamber in the right direction. Avoid sitting with your back exposed to the entrance, there should be solid wall behind your seat. Avoid sitting under the beam at your office. Place your workstations facing east.
  • Prefer high back chairs. Avoid sharp edged and irregular shape furniture in the office. Height of the office desk should be such that your navel should coincide with the height of the table.  Top most drawers on the right hand side of your table should be clutter free.
  • Avoid oval-shaped, L-shaped or U-shaped desks. Wooden desks are preferred.
  • Avoid sitting cross-legged in your office.
  • Avoid the use of ‘roshandaans’ at your office.
  • While working in office, face towards the North or the East.
  • Decorate your workplace with positive energy symbols such as symbols of Om, Lord Ganesha or Swastik.
  • Place a crystal on your table to promote monetary flow. Keep Quartz crystals in your office.
  • Keep your office well-lit.
  • Place a vase of fresh flowers on the East side of your desk.
  • Place plants in the South-East corner of your office.
  • Computers, telephones and other electronic items should be placed in the South-East corner and ensure that the wires are not visible.

For Students

  • Position of study table is very crucial; it should face East or North direction. Select regular shape study table of moderate size and keep the table free from clutter.
  • Keep some distance between wall and study table. Place a well lit lamp in the South-east corner of the study table.
  • Bookshelf should be located in the East, North or North-east direction and avoid placing anything in the middle of the room.
  • Windows of the study room should face East or North direction.
  • Paint the study room with subtle and light tints.
  • There should be no mirror in the study room.
  • Place Saraswati Yantra near your child’s bedside or study table.

To get results from the above mentioned Vastu tips, you shall have to continue with your hard work. These tips only enhance the positive energy around you and eliminate the obstacles that come in your way due to negativity which flows in the atmosphere. These guidelines can help you in getting some additional support in your career growth.