Home Decoration ideas for Diwali

Home decoration ideas for Diwali
Home decoration ideas for Diwali

Home decoration ideas for Diwali

“Diwali” is a most awaited festival in India. Colors, light and fun are the basis of Diwali festival. As festivity is around the corner and everybody is looking for decoration ideas to beatify their home. Here we are presenting some innovative Diwali decoration ideas for you to make festival more joyful and happy.

• Sprucing the home

Give your home royal and elegant look by innovative and impressive visual effects. Cleaning up rooms, painting the walls and changing the Curtains make half decoration done. Every corner should be cleaned and light up, discard unwanted substances and try to make use of the old items and have them Created newly. Pick a color scheme that goes with your existing decoration and transform the home Special festival.

• Exterior

Make colorful floral design or creative Rangoli to the doorway. You can place earthen Diyas to make it brighter.
Put decorative Diyas around the house, Place candles on exteriors wall, hang attractive paper lanterns and give illusion of lights to spread festive sheen.

• Entrance

Use toran to adore your entrance door. Lift your entrance by hanging handicraft lanterns and place Diyas on the floor.

• Interior

Adore your living room with fairy lights.
Use curtains and cushions of bright color to give to give colorful look to your home. You can use old sarees or Dupattas to make cushion covers Wrap light bulbs around to add charming look Maintain spirituality by decorating Pooja corner.

• Fun with fairy lights

Create waves of magical ambience with attractive lights.
Use lights or candles in interesting ways by putting inside a mason jar and place it around your home to create glittering and festive look. You can also make acrylic paint on the surface of glass to give good ethnic touch.
This Diwali try some trendy items like sea shell lights or hanging photo prints of your best memories in between lights to give unique look to your house on the occasion of Diwali.

• Creative Diyas

Diwali is incomplete without Diyas. Name Deepawali itself means rows of Diyas. Diyas made of clays are traditional decoration idea. You can decorate simple earthen Diyas with several creativity by using paint, glitters and decorating with flowers. Use vibrant colors and patterns to create on all new Diyas trend.

• Attractive Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns is a part of traditional Diwali celebration. go for a Moroccan theme with recycled lights to give oriental touch to your house. You can use some simple ideas for paper craft techniques to set festive mood.

• Charming Candles

Decorate your plain candles to make it more lively and festive. Instead of conventional candles you can choose Floating candles to spread light and cheer your home within no time. Play around with colors And flowers.

• Beautiful Rangoli

The old age tradition to decorate the home with colors is always in trend. Rangoli is a must have feature at the entrance door during Diwali. The design is as noticeable and unique as you make it, with different beautiful colors you can also add some Diyas, candles, earthen pots, petals or tissues to bring your Rangoli in life. Adding little spark in the form of glitter powder looks good specially at night. This will make your house look prettier and colorful.

• Fresh Flowers

Flowers are an integral element of Diwali decoration. Nothing can beat fresh flowers as decoration. This Diwali get additional charm with gloriously using all those bright colored marigold chains, roses and colorful petals. It is brightened up the entrance and special corners in the room and will spread festive cheer around the house.

• Colorful Diwali toran

A traditional toran hanging at the entrance is considered as a decorative as well as auspicious element. A creative and colorful toran hanging at the entrance door looks elegant and is perfect to give a warm welcome. This Diwali forget the traditional toran made up of marigold and mango leaves instead fashion a toran using paint samples, old greeting cards, paper flowers Or crepe paper toran that will last longer than fresh flowers. These homemade torans look vibrant and instantly spread the festive sheen to the home.

• Creative Wall hangings

Wall hanging is a latest Diwali decoration item becoming popular. Creative wall hangings with mirror work and little tradition touch look classy. Create your own wall decoration items using old CD’s, newspapers or card boards. Hanging artistically these handcrafted wall papers can give a wonderful look to your house during Diwali.

• Fragrance of aroma

Make your home refresh this Diwali with sweet fragrance Of enchanting essence that will make you to forgot all worries. You can add a hint of little flower decoration for long lasting effect of lingering smell.