Fan Movie Review

fan Movie review
Fan Movie Trailer launch srk as fan gaurav


Over All Rating :  ***

Shah Rukh Khan AKA King Khan’s Fan has hit the theatres this Friday, after watching the trailer, the excitement of SRK’s real fans was definitely on the peak. SRK is known for his intense dedication and versatility that he shows in his roles but few of his previous movies criticized for not being so good. Even though his movies like HNY and Dilwale were hit and earned a huge amount but that was only because of his stardom and his loving fans. While the audiences are tired of the same age old love stories and the same action movies with not so real action scenes, viewers definitely want to see something new and interesting. To meet this demand of the audiences, the King Khan is back with an interesting and challenging role. Well, everyone has very high expectations with SRK’s new film,

so let’s see if it’s something that would impress the viewers or would be just plain.

The story begins with Gaurav being one of the craziest fans of the super star Aryan Khanna. Being the greatest fan of Aryan Khanna, Gaurav knows each and every single thing about him. His obsession with AK is shown in the movie. He owns a cyber café and the café named after AK. He impersonates Aryan Khanna at the annual Dussehra mela organized by Inder Vihar’s DDA Colony and walks away with the best performer trophy every year. On Aryan Khanna’s birthday, his craziest fan goes to meet him. But he realizes that he is not the only one who came to meet Aryan Khanna, but being the craziest among them he decides to grab his attention by any means. But unfortunately things changes when Aryan Khanna gets pissed off with his biggest fan and insults him. Gaurav doesn’t like this and decides to make the superstar realize his mistake and make him pay for what he said. The game between Fan and a superstar begins, and that’s what is all about Fan. Like every movie this movie also has some very impactful scenes and also some scenes that are stretched for no reason. But the impactful scenes really are so impactful that they make this movie a must watch. SRK’s real fans would definitely love the versatility and his tremendous acting. The way he carried both the roles is simply superb.  As Gaurav, he is very believable as the obsessive, psychotic fan who runs after the star in the first half, and later makes the star run after him in the second half. The scene when Gaurav cries his heart out and also the scene when the frustrated Gaurav takes out his frustration is very powerful.

SRK has total grip on both the characters and he definitely did well in the movie. Yes, there were some flaws or I can say there are times when the viewers may get bored for a little while specially second half . Well, that’s the scenes of second half that are stretched and few of them may seem so unreal. The action sequence, the scene when SRK takes a rail trip without a ticket to meet AK and the time when Gaurav stalks AK in London and Dubrovnik, and even gets into his personal residence easily are surely something that cannot be believed. The movie would have been more interesting if it had a song to add up some spice and also the three ladies in the movie have not much to do. Even though the movie has few drawbacks but still it’s the best movie of SRK in the past five years and the actor who time and again proved to be the most versatile and ecstatic actor of the generation seemed to be back with a bang. But Overall story is not much interesting . one more thing u can see all Over good review about this movie like big names in movie reviews are giving 4 star or something like that and if u really trust about that reviews u will really  disappoint  . if u dont have plan for weekend and just wanna go for timepass then go for watch this movie otherwise  in short words  its a avg movie with good media buyying  so in my advice dont  watch at your own risk