Incredible Eye makeup Tips – Trends for 2017

Eye makeup Tips Trends 2017
Eye makeup Tips Trends 2017

Incredible Eye makeup Tips-Trends for 2017


Eyes as they say, are the mirror to the soul. There is nothing that can make as much difference to the appearance, as beautiful eyes. In the world of makeup, new trends come up every season and it is interesting to follow the latest styles that rock the scene, on the international highways. Here is all that you need to know about The 2017 eye makeup trends right from international artist quotes to the Desi ravishing styles.

Top 2017 Runway Looks

Smokey eyes have always been in vogue in some or the other form. Soft greys, charcoal and even brown have been used in the past to create “the drama” effect pertaining to the eye make up. Yet what will really trend in 2017 are Grungy plum smokey eyes which have been inspired by the incredibly sexy Kate Moss. Smoky eyes have been seen on all the Elie Saab and Diane Von Runway girls. The brows for the most part are underplayed and in some cases are even blotted out.

As make up artists grow more experimental, playing with eye shadow colours and textures is now much in vogue. Lovely looks inspired “from oriental feathers to tropical sunsets” will now be seen on the runway and in real life. The focus is now on the lashes as blue and even white mascara along with colourful eye liner begin to make their appearences. The leading Make Up artist of MAC ,Polly Osmond endorses this trend.

Bold and Blue is probably what 2017  is going to be all about. There is something incredibly mysterious and sensual about using blue on the eyelids. The Karen Walker ladies strutted about with aquamarine and icy blue on their lids. Ice blue and white merge together to create a fantastic ethereal appeal while the brows are kept lusciously bold. Make up artists recommend using peacock blue and indigo for darker asian skin tones. Many leading cosmetic brands are coming up with gorgeous blue palettes of eye shadow this season.

With the metallic trends on wardrobes coming on strong this season, shimmer and sparkles are all set to hit the eye lids too. Inspired from old Hollywood themes, sequins are now added to the lids creating a quirky discotheque effect. Dove gray and pure white shimmer shadows create a stunning combination while sequins are placed on the lower eye lid line to create a jewel toned look.

Graphic Eyes like the ones seen on the eyes of Christian Dior models will be all the rage in 2017. Dots that stretch into a typically feline look or grey eyeshadow artfully designed to create vibrant kidney shaped blocks of colour like the ones sported by Chanel models will be all the rage in 2017. Smudges of grey on the upper lid like a softer feminine version of the smoky eye will also be quite popular.

Tips from International Make Up Artists

Charlotte Tilbury,internationally acclaimed make up artist who styles celebrities like Kate Moss, Sienna Miller etc says that the feline eye flick (one of her signature styles) is all set to grace the runway in 2017. Cat eyes with sharp inner eye triangles and dramatic outsweeps of the outer lash suit most facial structures. Black elizabeth arden eye pencil and loads of mascara are what she recommends to create this iconic look-Picture

Scott Barnes a famous make up artist who has clients like Jenifer Lopez, Christiana Aguilera and Gwyneth Paltrow. Scott reveals that 2017 make up trends are all about creating a fresh look with make up thats not too obvious. Naphcon A eye drops are his staple for brightening up the eyes. An eyelash curler and a brow filler are the two things that should be an eye make up staple this year. He recommends the Shu Uemura eyelash curler as the best one available right now. Pale ice cream shades of eye shadow are all that is needed to complement the beautiful fresh eyed look.-Pictue

Tom Pecheux the creative make up name behind the top cosmetic giant Estee Lauder and also the guy responsible for creating the ethereal looks of Victoria’s Secret Angels

Dick Page the creative make up Director of Shieshdo lists the Victoria Secret’s famous bright angelic eye look. The base is created by Sheishdo Shimmer creamish eye colour sable which has a golden base to it.  A mix of eye liner shades of green and gold and jet black is used to create a mesmeric undefined colour. A sneaky tip for enhancing the angel eyed look is charmingly old fashioned…false eyelashes.

Indian Make Up Artist Tips

Top make up artist Mickey Contractor stresses on using bold smokey eyes in rich blue, plum and even vibrant red. Indian skin tones really work well with these colours and these styles work really well for functions like Mehendi, sangeet, reception etc. Using coloured eyeliners is also really good to make a bold statement. Gold eyeliner on blue rimmed eyes can really work well when one needs to make a dazzling statement.

Shalini Singh the owner of Style Studio and one of the best make up artists in India says that 2017 is all about metallic shades on the eyes. There is nothing like silver grey, gold, ivory shimmer to really open up the eyes and create drama. This look though not suitable for a wedding can do very well for cocktail parties, black tie events and other occassions.

Well these were the Popular trends & styles one could play around with. Basis the same ,I have chalked out a Clear Plan. My 2017 Make Up Kit has got to have Some exclusives , Some Startlers & well some Mighty brands.Here’s my wishlist

MAC eyeshadow 18 color glitte eye shadow MAC -for the Love of the Greens

MAC20 Color Eyeshadow Palette  -Color my eyes Blue.

Yes ,You read it right , Two MAC eye Shadow Palettes.

Ligne Graphique De Chanel Liquid Eyeliner Intensity Definition-Chanel gives you Two Colors , No.10 Noir (Black) & No.60 Ocean Blue

Christian DiorInstant Eye Makeup Remover

Obviously, this is a Work In progress list. Signing out for now well its not Christmas yet but you see, by then the list will grow only long….I have faith ,Santa is Listening… :)