DIY Christmas Decorations & Decorating Ideas

Christmas Decoration Ideas
Christmas Decoration Ideas

DIY Christmas Decorations & Decorating Ideas

Christmas is a festival that naturally instills a festive season in the entire atmosphere. Who doesn’t like a decorate house all set to welcome Christmas. So if you also want to decorate your house this Christmas here are some ideas:

Christmas Decorations ideas For entrance

Entrance is the most important place as it welcomes the guest. So why not this Christmas make the Santa Claus welcome your guests with Jesus Christ showering his blessings on them.

Just buy a cutout of Santa Claus and fill some socks with caramels, chocolate, toffees etc. Now hang the socks on hands of cutout of Santa Claus and make him stand at the entrance. It will instill a sense of pleasure in every heart and increase the number of children guests. More children mean more merriment.

Don’t forget to place a large Christmas tree in the centre of your compound to give a unique theme to entire arrangement.

Take a thread and tie some toffees and chocolate to it. Now hammer a nail into both the boundary walls flanking your compound. Now tie the thread at a suitable place in your compound giving it a horizontal look with each edge tightened to the nail on either side. You can also encourage children to run and eat or secure the toffee/chocolate with their mouth.

Christmas Decorations ideas For Parlor

This is the major attraction of the house, So you should decorate it accordingly.

Search for stocking and cuff templates online, print and cut them out. Stick the cutout on a cardboard and cut the cardboard into the shape. Make a little hole in the shapes and hand it in the parlor just above the dinner table!

A big Christmas tree in the parlor, beautifully decorated with lights will effortlessly attract the visitors’ eye. To be more creative you can think of perching small Christmas toys on the tree.

Flowers are great gifts for eyes. So, this Christmas why not decorate your complete parlor with fresh flowers. You can also buy different unique flowers with unusual shapes and unusual fragrance.

One unique idea of decorating the parlor is to buy or rent a small canopy type structure, decorate it with colorful boards and invite small children to play their favorite games inside.

You can also arrange Toffee boxes on each corner of your parlor hung in the style of Mail Box. It will encourage small children to run in different parts of your parlor, adding a pristine joy.

Christmas Decorations ideas For Dinner Table

Take some glitter and spread it on the table. Buy some miniature Christmas toys like Santa Claus, Stags, Reindeers, Moon etc. and arrange them in a story telling way on the table.

You can also think of buying colorful table mats with designs of cartoon character.

You can also use light reflection to beautifully show a shadow art. You can either learn it using various videos available online or ask your buddies if they can show you how to do it. Under this arrangement a small item is used for a much larger shadow by the proper use of light.

You can also use a Cookie Monster Box on the table with the box representing the face of cookie monster.

Christmas Decorations ideas For rooms

This Christmas buy some glitter and colored cotton and decorate your room with glitter. Now take the colored cotton and spread it in your rooms it will give a unique look.

You can also use small Christmas tree to decorate your room.