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Dilip Kumar filmography


Dilip Kumar is one of the most amazing actors in Bollywood. He is the man who gave Bollywood many brilliant movies. The actor whose is still appreciated and will be appreciated Even in the later years. He can surely be called the legend in Bollywood. Dilip Kumar was born As Yusuf Khan in Peshawar in the year 1922. His father moved to Bombay, and it was here that Yusuf Khan came into contact with the film industry. Yusuf Khan adopted the screen name of Dilip Kumar for his first film Jwar Bhata released in 1944. Since then Dilip Kumar can be called a very versatile actor as he played the variety of roles- a romantic, Mughal prince Salim, a thief, a don, a tycoon, a village tangawala, freedom fighter, idealistic cop, singer, an urban man-on-the make and farmer. Dilip Kumar achieved stardom with “Andaz” in which he co-starred with Raj Kapoor. But the biggest landmark came with Bimal Roy’s Devdas, he acted so well that he was named as Tragedy King. His film “Mughal-e-Azam” was a record-breaking film in the history of the Indian Film industry. Here he played the role of Jehangir, the son of Akbar. The way he did his role was superb. Other He produced movies like Ganga-Jamuna, and he also became a successful producer. Andaz, Aan, Daag, Madhumati and Ram Aur Shyam were also his good movies. His charm not only impressed Indians but Even he became popular internationally. The actor was also offered Hollywood film but he Declined the offer as his interest solely lied in Bollywood. The amazing actor is a role model of Many young actors. Dilip Kumar created sensation in the film industry when he married half his age, a very beautiful actress Saira Bano in 1966. Dilip Kumar was an actor who got so involved in his role that everybody would get startled. There was a period when no film of Dilip Kumar, after Ram Aur Shyam and Gopi, clicked at the Box office. But the actor did not give up or lose his confident. But his luck and talent again favored him when directors like Manoj Kumar and Ramesh Sippy set his career back on track With- Kranti (1981)and Shakti. Vidhata, Karma, and saudagar were also his block buster movies directed by Subhash Ghai. Dilip Kumar is the actor who earn many awards, and his career is an inspiration to everyone. He is the most talented and respectful actor of Bollywood. The best thing about this actor is that he was not over shadowed by other new actors. He made his position into the film  industry that can never be replaced by any other actor. For his contribution to Hindi cinema, Dilip Kumar was awarded the Dada Saheb Phalke award and the Padma Bhushan. He also has been decorated with Pakistan’s highest civilian award, the Nishan-e-Imtiaz. This amazing actor has achieved huge popularity since the start of his career and with his every movie his fame and fan following kept increasing. He is the actor whose name will always be remembered for his contribution to bollywood.

Filmography of Dilip Kumar

 Jwar Bhata

 Milan

 Neel Kamal

 Mela

 Shaheed

 Deedar

 Daag

 Aan

 Devdas

 Insaaniyat

 Udan Khatola

 Musafir

 Naya Daur

 Madhumati

 Kohinoor

 Mughal -E- Azam

 Ganga Jamuna

 Leader

 Ram Aur Shyam

 Aadmi

 Sangharsh

 Gopi

 Sagina

 Kranti

 Vidhaata

 Shakti

 Mazdoor

 Mashaal

 Karma

 Saudagar