Car Collection of Bollywood Shahenshah Amitabh Bacchan

Amitabh Bacchhan
Amitabh bacchan With his rolls royale Phantom


Bollywood legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan also known as Big B is famous for his acting and-and graceful personality in India as well as throughout the world. He has given us great movies, and his distinguished career can never be let bygone. He is also famous for his royal car collection. Big b has a total of 13 luxurious cars. He is very affectionate towards cars and buys cars of most popular brands. He is having a very rich collection of automobiles, and it is also a large collection. It includes Lexus, Rolls Royce Phantom, 2 BMW, 3Mercedes, Porsche and Range Rover and Toyota. Following is the detail of his collection of cars.

Rolls Royce Phantom:
The Rolls Royce Phantom is a luxury car and is made in the United Kingdom by Rolls-Royce automobile company. It is based on 2003 phantom. It has won the car of the year award in 2003.White Rolls Royce Phantom was given to big b as a gift for his awesome acting in Eklavya movie by Vidhu Vinod Chopra.It is the most precious car out of his collection. This car is worth of INR 4.5 crores.It is 6.75 IV12 and produces 453 hp &720Nm of torque. It is extended wheelbase, coupe and conventional four-door sedan.

Lexus LX 470:-
Lexus LX 470 is one of the sports utility vehicles.It is the largest and luxurious eight seater which is developed for the American market by the Japanese automobile company. It is 1998,4.7 IV8 model that gives 271 hp@ 5400 rpm.

BMW X5:-
It is also one of the luxury sport utility vehicles which are produced by BMW.It was first to sport utility vehicle manufactured by BMW.It is also called as four by four in UK.It is available either as manual or as automatic. Its price is INR 66 lakh-1.56 Crores.It is a German automobile company.

BMW 7 Series:-
It is a German automobile and is a full-size luxury car. The seven series is a flagship car and is available as sedan or as a long limousine.This model is in competition with Merc S-class &Audi 8.

Range Rover Vogue:
The Range Rover(L322) launched in 2013 is a model by British manufacturer Land Rover.It is available as automatic, and it is a third generation model of Range Rover.Its cabin is luxurious.It cost up to INR 2.08 crore.

Mercedes Benz E 240:
It is the E-class and third generation model.It is a medium-sized luxury car and is a part of the last generation of Benz duo headlight pattern.It was one of the famous cars of Benz’s.

Mercedes S320:-
It is the fifth generation class of S and is a full-size luxury sedan car.It is produced by German automobile company Mercedes.It cost up to INR 1.2-9.1 Crore.
Mercedes Benz SL 500 AMG:-
It is a sports car and is also a grand tourer.SL refers to the variations of the vehicle in the market including the configuration in engines.

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Porsche Cayman S:
It is worth of INR 81 lakhs and powered by petrol.Its engine gives 325bhp @ 7400 rpm.
Bentley Arnage R:-
It is a full-size luxury sedan manufactured by Bentley Motors. It is worth of INR 2.65 Crore.
Bentley Continental GT:-
It is a personal luxury coupe and a grand tourer manufactured by Bentley Motors.

Land Cruiser:
It is a four wheel jeep like Toyota version manufactured by Toyota automobiles.
Lamborghini Murcielago:-
It is a two door coupe or roadster sports car made by Italian automobile Lamborghini.
He believes that numeral 2 is lucky for him, so each car has numeral 2 included in number plate.

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