Bigg boss 9 has reached its finale week and the viewers are eagerly waiting for saturday night to know the winner. While the fans are busy voting for their favourite contestants, Bigg boss is trying hard to keep the viewers entertained.

Last night, a task named “silent disco” was given by bigg boss in which there was a party in the house and any two contestants had to wear headphones and dance till the song completes.

As the task began, Yuvika chaudry entered the house. Post her entry, she was seen confronting prince about his proposal. She directly questioned him whether he had genuine feelings for her or it was just for the game, as he was seen romancing with Nora and It was not much appreciated by the viewers.

Prince tried real hard to get out of the situation. He said he really liked her But before anything could happen between them she left the house and then Nora entered the house and the way she motivated him became the reason for their closeness.

Soon after clearing everything with yuvika, Nora entered the house. She too question’s him about his juggling feelings between Yuvika and Her. Prince replies and clears everything saying Yuvika was his past and Nora is his Future.

Though Bigg boss tried hard to put prince into trouble. The witty guy managed to turn the situation into his favour.

After the exit of 3 ex contestants, Bigg boss organised a Dawath for all housemates, except for the one who was least entertaining and the housemates had to give the name. Rishabh was choosen as the worst performer, to which Rishabh disagreed and this resulted in another conflict between the housemates. Later all the housemates decided not to attend the Dawath.


In today’s episode Bigg boss welcomes a renowned tarot card reader Monica Badnani, who gives satisfactory answers to the questions of housemates.

When Bigg boss questions her about the winner of Bigg boss 9 she predicts Mandana karimi to be the winner.

Mid week evictions took place as a result of which keith has been eliminated.

Well, this won’t bring much change in the show apart from the fact that Rochelle will now be seen alone for the remaining 3 days because keith never gave any content to the show as he was so calm and composed or may be his diplomatic nature never allowed him to.

After keith’s exit, the final four contestants who will stand against one another in Grand finale are Mandana karimi, Rochelle Rao, Prince Narula and Rishabh sinha.

So, lets see the predictions of the tarot card reader will prove right or not because all of them are strong contenders and I hope Bigg boss has stored something interesting for the viewers for the next three days.