poster of serial begusarai
poster of serial begusarai

BEGUSARAI an Indian daily soap airs on &TV every Monday to Thursday at
10:00pm.Begusarai premiered on March 2, 2015. Shweta Tiwari, Vishal Aditya Singh,
Sartaj Gill, Shivangi Joshi are the main roles of the show. Begusarai produced by Saregama productions is an attractively unusual or old fashioned place in area lying beyond what is visible or known in Bihar. The land of  phulan thakur and family, a land where bullets speak louder than words, a land where  power and money are earned through bloodshed, a place where every man has to fight for his life, wife and land.


  The roles played by the cast are:

 Shweta Tiwari as Bindiya Thakur or [Mahathakurain]

 Vishal Aditya Singh as Lakhan Thakur

 Ankit Gupta as Garv Thakur

 Veebha Anand as Ananya

 Parichay Sharma as Amar Thakur

 Manish Naggdev as Aadarsh Sharma urf Pintu


Ammaji’s two sons Phulan and Bhushan started as small dacoits took over the  entire city in no time in 1974.Phulan took over begusarai like a king while his brother stood up with him. Manjitha, their loyal soldier stood like a guard to protect them.They divided the property to avoid disputes among their children. Phulan has 3 sons, Mikhilesh, Priyom, Rajkumar and a daughter Guddi. Manjitha’s daughter Poonam is also a Thakur. Poonam, a simple girl whose only  dream is to study further in college. Poonam goes in search of newspaper along
with her friend, Phulan Thakur’s daughter Guddi, she comes across Priyom Thakur, a flirty guy who doesn’t believe in marriage but only love affairs. After failed attempts, Poonam is disappointed and lost all hopes of finding out her results, she hears music outside and rushes out along with others where she saw Priyom arriving with a band, playing loud music. He proudly announces Poonam’s result that she has passed.

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To celebrate Poonam’s success, Laakhan invites his friends for a
party and brings Poonam to witness it. Mikhilesh reaches the scene where the party is going on and he slaps Laakhan for trying to misbehave with Poonam. But Priyom interferes and takes the blame on himself. Laakhan pulls out a pair of earrings from a lady’s ears and gifts them to Poonam. Poonam feels pleased when Laakhan hands her a college form and asks her to fill them up. Later, Phulan takes Laakhan along with him and orders him to apologize to the women from whom he had snatched the earrings. Laakhan is embarrassed but decides to follow the orders. During meal Dadi announces that Poonam will now be going to college but Laakhan objects this. He says since Poonam is going to marry him, he has the right to stop Poonam from going to the college and he does so. Poonam gets upset and cries while her mother consoles her. Mikhilesh’s wife is upset about it and takes promise from him that their children’s future won’t be decided by anyone. Priyom tries to speak to Laakhan on Poonam’s behalf, but before he can say anything Mikhilesh calls Laakhan. He has to bring the famous dancer Bindiya’ from Patna.

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