Akshay Kumar the Handsome Hunk Fitness Workout Regime Plan

Akshay Kumar Fitness Workout Regime Plan
Akshay Kumar Fitness Workout Regime Plan


Akshay Kumar is the finest actor of bollywood, he was born on 9th September, 1967 in Punjab. He is married to Twinkle Khanna on 17th January, 2001. Akshay Kumar is blessed with two children named Aarav and Nitara. He can be a called the most versatile actor without any doubt is a fitness freak. His passion for fitness is not just since his entry into bollywood but it’s far before that. The actor has a black belt in Taekwondo and he has got an expertise in martial arts and Muay Thai in Thailand while working as a chef. The actor doesn’t let his routine get boring and so he mixes different types of forms. Being highly disciplined about his life style Akshay believes that if you cannot give one hour in a day for fitness then you are surely going to kill yourself.
If you are a fan of Akshay Kumar and you are looking for his fitness secret then you are at the right place because here I have brought the secret for you.


Akshay Kumar is the most versatile and fine actor who has shaped his body through martial arts and sports. The one thing that will lead to a transformation is a disciplined life. He is so enthusiastic and serious regarding his fitness. His hobby includes playing basket ball and trekking, these two activities are also great for getting a fit body. He also climbs staircase when he is unable to follow his fitness regime due to shooting. He believes in getting fitness by workout and diet and says there is a high No to food supplements and steroids. Here is his fitness routine that gives him such an amazing body.

  • Every day he gets up at 4.30 am in the morning and at that time he goes for swimming.
  • He practices Martial arts for one hour.
  • He does Meditation for one hour.
  • He does yoga and stretching exercises also.

He is a keen practitioner of kick-boxing and shadow-boxing. The awesome actor also likes to perform parkour, Yoga, meditation, basketballs, climbing, and gym. His fitness preparation is natural fitness which favors core exercises. He prefers Martial arts over gymming.
Yoga, pranayama and meditation help to calm the mind and make one stress free. Yoga and martial arts are the most important exercises for this versatile actor. Sometimes, he combines Yoga exercises with swimming. Akshay Kumar gives weightage to both physical as well as mental health. In Yoga, he practices Yamas, Niyamas, Santosha, meditation and stretching Yoga. Yoga is very important for him as it’s like a stress buster for him and it helps him to stay active all the time.

Akshay Kumar diet plan:

To keep him fit and healthy he takes balanced diet and he only prefers home cooked food. He finishes his dinner by 6 in the evening. He avoids liquor, smoking and partying as he believes it affects fitness. He also stays away from caffeine and sugar. His diet plan is as follows:

  • He takes Parathas and a glass of milk in breakfast.
  • In the noon he takes a bowl full of fruits
  • In lunch he takes Roti, dal, green vegetables, chicken and a bowl of curd
  • In the evening he has a glass of fresh juice without sugar
  • He takes soup, salads, and veggies as dinner.

The only thing that will take you to a healthy and fit life is discipline. You must be very disciplined about your fitness routine and diet and then within no time you can notice the change.