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Akshay Kumar is one of the versatile actors of bollywood. His comedy was immensely admired by people but now he seemed to have decided to give something worthy to watch to the viewers which most of the movies of bollywood lack these days. Airlift is undeniably one of a kind.


The real life air evacuation, the largest operation undertaken in the world during the Kuwait invasion of Iraq where over a lakh and a half Indians were rescued by the efforts of a single man wanting to make a difference is what Airlift is all about. Akshay Kumar plays Ranjit Katiyal an Indian now settled in Kuwait whose desi roots are long forgotten. His wife Amrita (Nimrat Kaur) doesn’t get his new found love for a foreign country but has no other choice than to toe his line. Things take a sinister U turn when one night Iraqi president Saddam Hussein decides to invade his oil rich neighbour Kuwait. Over night Ranjit’s life is turned upside down, the very people who would salute him are now gunning for his head. But he isn’t the only one. Over a lakh and a half Indians are stranded in no man’s land when the situation worsens and neither America or India comes ahead for help. The film chronicles the journey from the first day of invasion to the final climax where a timely Airlift by civil aircraft saves many lives. Even though the plot is one dimensional, there are multiple subplots that keep you engaged through the film.


But despite the fact that this movie has amazing and a real story line, addition of the not so required songs seems forceful. I mean come on, people are fighting and struggling to save their life. Akshay kumar is known for his versatility and his acting in this movie also makes the movie worth watching. The attempt to make Oman look like kuwait is fantastic and also the clothes, props and everything will give a feel of 90’s. The supporting cast is excellent and nimrit kaur also shines in few scenes.

This movie is worth watching because it is based on true event which has almost been forgotten. The effort to make such a movie is worth applause but it would have been better if it had less songs.

The movie has received a rating of 3 stars which means the movie is good.

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