Agent Raghav – Crime Branch Wiki :-:

Agent Raghav – Crime Branch is a very interesting Indian crime show which was premiered on 5th september, 2015. This serial is very interesting and it is aired on Saturday and Sunday nights on &Tv. This serial is produced by Contiloe Entertainment of Abhimanyu Singh. Sharad Kelkar, who is a very popular actor on Indian television, is the main lead of this crime show. The show was admired and loved by everyone and received an award for best thriller and horror show in Indian Telly Awards.

Agent Raghav – Crime Branch Story Plot :-:

This is the crime show that revolves around a CBI team in Delhi. Agent Raghav Sinha is the main part of the team, he is an intelligent and successful agent who resolves every case and with his intelligence he solves the cases and puts the criminals into jail.
His father was a hypnotherapist and psychiatrist which is the reason Raghav has such an awesome and splendid personality. In the age of 14, Raghav’s father was murdered in front of his eyes and that’s the reason Raghav entered this field. His only aim in life is to find out his father’s murderer and put him behind the bars. He works enthusiastically to punish every criminal.
Agent Trisha is team leader of the CBI. She only has a goal to become a successful cop and to be able to reduce crime in the country. But unfortunately, her parents, like a typical Indian parents wants her to get married and settle down in life.
Agent Ranbir and Agent Vikram are friends. They always tries to help in every possible way to help the team to resolve any issue and help them to reduce the crime in the city.
This team of CBI also has a Scientist. Dr Arti is the forensic scientist working under CBI. With her tests and examination, she tries to find out every single little detail of the crime and the criminal. With the help of her forensic studies, she finds the clue from the crime scene that too with a scientific explanation.

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The suspence of Raghav’s fathers murderer is not yet revealed. But the murderer is still in Raghav’s life. He is monitoring Raghav’s life but he yet unknown.
The show also includes the love story of Raghav and Trisha, who are attracted to each other and they care for each other extremely. But being professionals and being focused on their job of being a successful agent they never share their feelings for each other. Their actions ofcourse reveal their love for each other but they do not express. The season 1 of Agent Raghav crime branch aired its last 60th episode on April 10, 2016 .
The show ends when Raghav receives a call from his father’s murderer that he placed a bomb in a school and challenges him to save the school. While he begins solving this case, he is shocked to know that Cbi chief Dilip Chauhan is his father’s murderer. He tries to kill Raghav but Bikram saves Raghav by taking the bullet and dies. The time when Raghav feels the mystery is solved, there is another thing that is revealed and it is that the murderer used a face mask of Dilip Chauhan to confuse Raghav. Raghav comes to the place from he started and the mystery still remains unsolved. With this unsolved mystery the show ends.

Agent Raghav – Crime Branch Cast With Real Name :-:

• Sharad Kelkar as Agent Raghav Sinha (Lead Male Protagonist)
• Gautam Ahuja as young Raghav
• Aahana Kumra as Agent Trisha Dewan (Lead Female Protagonist)
• Mahesh Manjrekar as Dilip Chauhan- chief of CBI
• Deepali Pansare as Agent Gauri, ex Tech Expert
• Danish Pandor as an Agent Rajbir
• Jason Tham as Agent Bikram
• Reena Aggarwal as Forensic Doctor Aarti Mistry
• Swati Rajput as Agent Swati – Tech Expert

The cast and crew has confirmed about the season 2 of the series coming up in a few months.
Even though this show was only aired on weekends but this crime show became very popular and successful and was admired by the viewers. This unsolved mystery makes the curiosity grow more among the viewers and we are definitely waiting for its second season to air soon on television.

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