Aaditya Roy kapoor body
Aaditya Roy Kapoor Fitness


The very Handsome Aditya Roy Kapur who made his debut with London Dreams

Has a sexy body. His role in the movie Aashiqui 2 was highly appreciated and the

Movie was a super hit. After the movie Aashiqui 2, Aditya entered into the list of

Many directors and he also came into the category of successful actors. The

the handsome hunk who is the heart throb of many has won huge admiration and fan

following after Aashiqui 2 and his six pack abs are something that drives evert girl

crazy and every boy wishes to have a body like him.

Check out the secret behind his chiseled and sexy body:

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Aditya Roy Kapur Diet Plan

Aditya Roy Kapur is a typical non-vegetarian and is a big Foodie. He always eats

What he wants and when he wills. There is nothing like a strict diet for him. He

Believes in eating everything. But whenever he consumes extra calories he makes

Sure to burn them by running extra miles. He practices cardio after consuming

wholesome foods and believes in eating healthy food.

Aditya eats three full meals in a day and if he wants to have something

That contains high carbs then he eats the food early in the evening. The actor being

A typical Punjabi loves rice and dal. He also haves some fruits daily.

The actor being not much diet conscious loves sweets and junk food. But whenever

he has something rich in calories he increases his workout to compensate that.

Aditya Roy Kapur Workout Routine

Aditya is blessed with slender body, and he does everything it takes to make it look

perfect. He is not the one who is obsessed with fitness, but he is also not amongst

those who never care about going out of shape.

Aditya, who always wanted to be a sports person, plays a lot of football and cricket

and stays fit instead of the indoor workout.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his workout routine. He has one and follows


His workout regime is – five days in a week dedicated to weightlifting and cardio

workouts. He hits gym twice or thrice in a week and practices his workouts in two

parts. While one part of his exercises are meant to tone his facade body parts such

as arms, chest, shoulder, other part is concentrated on toning of legs, and back.

He believes that it doesn’t take time to gain weight, but it takes a lot of time to lose

And that’s the reason he never leaves his body unattended. He always stays active

and puts all his efforts for staying healthy and getting his sexy and toned six pack


He believes in having healthy food, and a protein rich diet is something that will

Take you closer to your dream of achieving fitness. Exercise, sports, and gym are a

must if you want to have a body like him.

Aditya Roy Kapur’s fitness is something that his fans can also easily follow unlike

other actors who follow a very tough workout routine.

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