The advancement in the technology in this twentieth century has left people amazed. In this modern world where every one is occupied and have no time for themselves the technology has again brought a solution to this problem. Yes, invention of fitness gadgets is yet another advancement the technology has made.

so, here are the 5 best fitness bands in India:

  1. Xiaomi Mi Band

This fitness tracker possesses a battery life of 30 days. This is an above average battery life compared to the average of 10 days. This fitness tracker has the ability to record your steps, tell how much sleep you had last night, wake you up in the morning etc. This tracker uses LED lights to communicate with the person wearing it, alerts you of status updates and notifications by flashing.

Price: Rs. 999

2.Goqii fitness band

this is an advanced fitness tracker , it is a band where users will be paying for the service of human coach it’s like you hired a personal trainer for yourself. This service is paid and is surely worth the penny. Starting plan is for 3 months and it comes free with the first purchase. It can be bought for Rs. 3999 with 3 months plan.



The Fitbit Flex can record your sleep, steps, wake you up, and be called as a good fitness tracker. The Device’s 5 LEDs glow up every time you reach closer to a fraction of your goal. It can show you how many calories you’ve burnt, wake you up by vibrations, etc. The battery life is just average, it can run only 10-14 days. This device too is water and sweat resistant. In terms of design, you can replace the strap, just like other fitness trackers.

Price: Rs. 6,990



Yu Fit has a display which makes it a lot more convinient to check your activity.It can display notifications, show you the number of steps on the device itself, how many messages are unread and missed calls on your device, and quite a few things which almost all fitness trackers do. But this Yu Band has a short battery life. It is designed as a band with a removable capsule. The capsule has its display and is the component you need to charge. It is water resistant. So you don’t need to worry while getting into pools or taking a shower. Although this band is not so attractive in looks yet it is so comfortable to wear.


  1. Fitbit Charge

The Fitbit Charge was released in early 2015, and sports a fairly small OLED Display. It is capable of showing you your steps, time, and even the Caller ID of the person who’s calling you on your phone. The design is quite similar to that of Fitbit Flex. The Charge too can wake you up silently, show steps, and everything an average fitness tracker does. The battery life is supposed to last 7-10 days, which again is quite less as compared to other budget fitness trackers listed above.

Price: Rs. 9,990